The Art of SirRealysm EP

by Realysm

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The Art of SirRealysm EP is a musical gallery of only the finest works by Ego Free Music Group songwriter/recording artist Realysm. This collective is laced with mind numbing lyricism, hard hitting production and melodies that will have you whistling each tune moments after your first listen. When all else thing must always remain...Realysm.


released May 30, 2012

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Realysm Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Realysm is a Philadelphia Artist by ALL definitions of the word. A fusion of multiple genres of music and many walks of life. Follow along and explore the musical and artistic creations of this abstract gemini.

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Track Name: M.A.A.N (MuchAdoAboutNothing) prod by Shade Cobain
It ain't that I'm backpacker it more like I lack swagger. Less like a white jigga I'm more
like a black jaggar. Pissed like walkin away wit a flat bag of. Weed from the guy you
know who usually pack em fatter than a pillow inhale the willow. But on the real tho.
Cleaning up my act Brillo. Eatin healthy like im wealthy didn't plan to go organic if the
record label shelfed me I fail understand it. I'm bout to jack son like Janet. Lights camera
action access granted. Matter of the fact son I'm satanic. Sinking in the sea slowly titanic.
Gin plus tonic multiplied my panic. It's ironic that my pride stayed planted.
Determination drive coincide and they even out the odds I'll manage. Izod vest with a
pair of aviators and my eyes got vanished. Spy like private I. Prying in the lives of those
passin by with an i. Phone on side of their head. wearing the frustration of the
conversation on the face instead. Of keepin it a secret like celebrity kid. I wanna co exist
where serenity lives. No pretending to be friendly to my enemies again see. I had so
many against me. I was plenty. defensive even when it made no sense. I built a wall of
china right around my picket fence. Check my fingah. prints. against the evid-dence. And
I will never..flinch. Or plead. Guilty to the. Accusations attempting to acupuncture me.
Everyday I struggle and strive to be EgoFree. While egotistical individuals are like
disease. Spreading like fleas. Dog I need collar. And a bulletproof wallet to protect my
last dollar. Investments. I'd rather not bother. Instead I might pile the. Money under the
mattress to balance the part that sags if. My back gets that stiff. Im am the bull but the
tracks is mastiff. Kidnap a cactus and held it captive. Iron out whackness call me
blacksmith artificial intelligence will show up for practice. Get it A.I. Can wait for the
day I. Become a star in Spanish they call it Estrella. 3000 followers deep ima tweet Hey
Ya! Been about the Benjamin's March into May I. Spring to life. Like Wings to flight.
Like things unite and bring dreams to light. I might seem polite. But don't be fooled fool.
Not a hook but a quick 1-2. Im runnin around on the beat without cleats. topspeed of my
feet just got reached. I got a receipt after I paid off the police. You say my chances are
slim. I say that I'm obese. This is ain't a walk in the park I'm clearly off the leash. Off the
chain like a key. Not a kilo of cocaina my counterpart was coaxing me to come up with
something cleaner. You was dreamin of genie while I was dreamin of Gina. Back in 99
on martin when she really was a Martin she was married to Duane what a shame. Irony
existing a name. Realysm.
Track Name: ASHLEYMADISON prod by Flying Lotus

I dont want to go outside.
I'll be tempted by the sights
Not a lot of things are going right right now in my life
So I just
Think back Think back
To when I was youthful
Think back Think back
To when I was truthful
This life is so unusual
I try to walk a righteous path
But I think it's a circle
cuz I'm right back at the same place I just I left.


You can see me in the Benz but its classic. 88 Rollin thru the park its Jurassic. If u drop a feather on my leather get your ass kicked fed wit up with classless chicks wit the massive asses that have sex for assets physical attraction is past tense status is access never learned my lesson my aggression wasnt passive. Sucker for a good sucker. Plus passion. Lookin for a good instructor. That can ration good knowledge on the regular not college I'm talkin neck cartilage spit gargle it oh my gawd I think she swallowed it. Quick! gotta get a grip so I can drive home. My one and only lady prolly waitin by the phone. Alone. I gotta suppress my. fantasy yes my. Breaking point is comin so I gotta confess my. Black book is open like my mind sometimes to the notion that I wanna bump and grind sometimes. Its not that I don't love her. I just got another. side of me I'm Gemini. Thriving on Variety. Stimuli. Stimulates. Maybe we are married cuz society intimidates. She works a 9-5. I'm 10-8. AM A lotta cats that think about straying. but find their way home just in time for the dinner plate dish. I'ma walk in my home and i'ma demonstrate this. And now you know WHY...

Verse 2

If I was only single I would do you on the double double triple up my effort get myself into some trouble trouble ain't far from here everyday day I struggle struggle is necessary. to define ying yang theory. I'm insane clearly. Your disdain merely. Pushes me to elevate my tolerance of pain hear me. Ima work in progress not regress I detest the fact that I have to repeat this. You are the weakness. My heart has a cavity and you are the sweetness. Maybe I'm a mac so control alt or delete this. Smile is like a straight jab discard my defense. Good lawd i repent . Don't take offense. No fence is high enough to keep out desire if the gate is open. Fighting visions of her face to negate emotion. Really outta keep it brief dcase closin ima fan of the chase not the capture. Caught up in the rapture perhaps I better track to day when we said I do I do I do. I knew that when I wrote this that I was losing u.
Track Name: DESTINATION prod by Mir Swain
I used to have It all just imagine.
Now I'm chillin on the corner wit my pants saggin.
Waitin for the bus not a clue how to get to where I need to go.
Destination everywhere future that I used to know./ visiting my roots for the truth that I need to grow.

On the surface I was just another kid growin up wit a daddy and mother in crib doin what. Im supposed do go to school. Get miseducated on the jungle that they throw me to. Everybody know the truth. Student loans weakenin my bones ohhh. Hard enough to grow grown. 30 somethin but Alone. .in a yolo zone. Tryna come into my own. Drivin fast to catch up with my passion as my profession was crashing. Left it rear view. mirror what a clear view ahead its my year to hit da gas and steer too. Never try to smile if it's fake like a veneer tooth. Don't associate with many people in my peer group. Maybe your a chicken if your mission is to get a coupe. Rather you should look over your head and try to get a roof. You can have it all but feel empty I'm the living proof traded in my suit for some levis and a Nike swoosh.

Feelin grounded like the negative terminal on a battery. Why they call it negative. The should call it necessary. You ain't starting nothin less you connected to it. Guess I blew I fuse and left a part of me idle as I neglected music. Success is viewed in retrospect when there is nothing left. I guess I'll never really look cuz nearly nothing left. Just a whole lot of worry and a mountain of stress. Added responsibility is amounting to death. C thru a CEO. Yes I drive a GEO. But I'm feelin freedom I aint felt since I was three years old. Time and passion mated and became infatuated with each other didn't wear a rubber hears the product of it. Chasin smiles everyday u gotta love it. Happiness is easy to achieve momentarily Impossible to keep but ill be tryin til the bury me.

Looky looky here know what took me here? My. Need to be a leader such a Yankee Derek Jeter. Im thankful to the readers of my mind who assume that I'm. Just a looney tune character in need of redesign. Im just artist inside of me is where art lives. Compressin my expression was depressing. Darkness. Deeper than the dishes on the Porsches that I used to pilot. Now I know my own worth and the auction in silent. I walk with a vibrant step. awkward but if I digress. The bus is comin. I'm in a rush this morning. Yes I gotta plan out my quest and express my new destination. In case I fall sleep. The moment I awaken. I know exactly where I outta be cuz I can sense it audibly. Every bump in the road the door open n closin. See my reflection in window and I know I'm chosen. To be your summer breeze. When your feelin frozen.
Track Name: CROSSROADS FT JOHN GRAHAM prod by Mir Swain
I was looking 4 a miracle
Why did u not want to help me find it.
Time and sacrifice are what u gotta make If you want to take up 2 another level.
Thats my best advice regardless of the topic if u start it don't u stop it and you’ll never.
Here we are at the crossroads
At the intersection of somewhere and nowhere an no I don’t care!

I remember when u were the one to make me feel
Like it was ok to be myself and not conceal
All the imperfections that can make you change directions cuz its real what we have me
and u oh yeah...
I love her (4x)
I want her by my side
I need her (4x)
she makes me feel alright.
She supported me when no one else afforded me and for that she gets a lifetime of love.

Here we are at the crossroads
At the intersection of somewhere and nowhere and No I don’t care!

When I look into you eyes I feel like something's changed
It is like you miss me and you hate me all the same
Why am I surprised my love for music is to blame
I'd be lying if I was denyin that I dont love u the same

I love her (4x)
but I dont know if she lovin me back
I want her (4x)
I need her as a matter of fact

She supports me escorts me and hoist me to heights. I thought that I could never reach.
I could preach on for days into weeks into months into years until her love appears!
Track Name: FRIDAY prod by Hezekiah
Oh I can't wait to come back home
On Friday!!!
Motivated back by the love I'm shown
On Friday!!!

Livin on the road erodes. Wakin up not knowing where I was because of Who I am posed
to be. Tho it was embedded in my blood. A form artistry that was deeper than love. Can't
lie I wonder if its worth it. we're a band but I'm a feeling like in a circus. Passport perfect.
Security checks. Pat down looking for paraphernalia. Failure. Already higher than the
voice of Mahalias. Sorry if my tattoos scare ya. dressed in the best of apparel. Smellin
like whiskey the bottom of the barrel. I Clare. These airport bars wit ESPN sports center
on the tellie got me telepathic like I got ESP and I seen it all before so I feel like I'm
dreamin. Different day

Dreams left stranded can never come to u. Nobody ever needs but they want for you. So
give em just enough to stay comfortable. Cuz over saturation will discomfort you. Take
a little bit of time. Like a mime. To be still. And rebuild. And refill ya petrol. You gotta
have something in store in order for to let go. When the lights illuminated on stage you
knew ya fate it is tell the story u created give em Real and lose the fake. In the process. I
know that I'm a work in progress. Rap is just my readers digest. If I could only take the
business out the business. Id be free create without my vision being on the hit list. Gettin
hatred and debated like my name was hitlers. I ain't write the book of life this is just a
scripture. I am Poetry in motion. Did u get the picture?

Never forget about you are. In pursuit of who you wanna be. Everybody got placed called
home that they wanna see. Eventually you gonna return but will it be vacant cuz if I'm
not mistaken the ones that held you down since you awakened. You never went back to
see them even when u had a vacation. Now u need em even more. Than a radio rotation
but it's no more either or. Out to sea but you can't see the shore. See the sore the heart
that your left with. Feelin unimportant like a fetus with a death wish. What u need is not
to be defeated by the greed. And focus on the people that helped to water the seed. Im
Grown and I'm gone. Home(2x)
Track Name: RAISIN IN THE SUN prod by Goldie
Born and raised a raisin in the sun what I think is more amazing I gotta raise a son.
Responsibility is something that I never shun. I'm such a starving artist cuz my work is
never done.

The paint forever 4 ever wet the day u see it dry is the day I met my death. And don't
you ever cry cuz of my. Departure I'm an author I'll forever be alive. Trying to keep my
pace in race is what I don't advise. I just wanna bee. music gives me hives. Put us both
together. Honey will Arrive. Sweeter than a sweet potato drake n common need to take
break and make a way for fill the real vacancy. Am I overkill I guess I will wait n see.
Self expression is a thrill so I take the c- . O r k out my bottle emotion full throttle and
I'm ghost like I'm Rollin in rolls. Royce. Made a choice to get my feet wet in the public.
Pool of prosperity tho the temperature of it is Luke warm barely. Two warm baileys and
cup joe I'm clearly up and atem in the eve. Apple of my eye is the music you receive.
Spreading like a virus. You are now at high risk. Lacerating lyrics are makin your
speakers bleed. Set out to accomplish what you can achieve. Nothing more or
lesser. Or you gotta fess up. Yessah. Gotta broken mirror chillin on the dressah. When
I look into it. I see pieces of me but I'm puzzled as to why some see as the incomplete.
Whether veggie or vegan it tis I u oughta meat. And devour the intellectual dialect I
speak. I resurrected Realness Deactivate the kill switch. Even if wisdom teeth missin I
can spit insightfulness I rival ya idol hand on the bible re run my verses like Hawaii 5-0
my god he's libel to hurt somebody best watch. Only in my circle if you've stepped outta
my box. Steppin on my toes but I stepped outta my socks. To walk across the hot coals
otherwise know as the road to success. Blessed with pot holes in pursuit of happiness
some of us got old got cold see the frustration upon their nostrils. Raw from the powder.
Searching for the grip to help them crawl from up outta. The cave that enabled them to
hide after the fall amounting to their pride….DYING..
Track Name: !!!NO FEAR!!! prod by Mir Swain
Life is filled with ups and downs everyday it is so clear.
Keep my head up to the sky an I will persevere.
Skeptics say we have to change or else the end is near
So I stare in the eyes of the devil
And say....

No fear! Lives Here's! No fear! Lives Here! 2x

I wake up and wonder what I woke up fo. I can't even leave my house I got a broke front door. So I'm waiting for my luck to change. Waitin for the value of a buck to change. I'ma have to pull a couple strangs. Hoping I can stay focused on the plan. To understand my purpose and overcome the worthless thoughts that infiltrate my mind like a motivated military squad on the grind. On the
front line I battle wit demons like an addict out of money on the corner feenin. Opened up my ears and I started seeing. That I am the only one with a true belief in me. So eagerly. I rushed to the mirror. Touched by rush of adrenaline that was pent up in him for a minute. Turning hate to hunger that's my mission I'm luitenant

My motivation buildings intelligence is healing
Scars that were deeper than the dreams I was seeing in my sleep if only people knew pain I buried deep within. Now I'm preachin peace. And positivity. And activism so that we call heal society. I am but a flea. We r butterflies. Beautifully unique as fly around the sky. Come into my space. And u will prolly die. As long we divide our problems will multiply. The lack of unity is where most our issues reside. Struggling 4 power position the cowards rendition of livin is vivid forget it. I feel that

Top of the mornin to ya ill start at the top of page. Start right off the top of my head and start righting til I get fed up wit rage. Born and bread in a cage. So when I escaped I got on a stage surrounded by caution tape. A fatal mistake we often make is taking something great an altering it's state. In a selfish effort like F it we gotta duplicate. Dominate. Demonstrate. That we are diote. When the only one holdin back me is me. I'm about to buy some TNT. Strap it to my knee see if I walk the streets would i be feared or treated with some decency. Not a terror threat I bet I got some middle east in me. Casualties are found upon the grounds where the feast will be.
Track Name: VICTORY SONG prod by Mir Swain
It's a celebration
Hands in the air

We are making history
Stand in ya chair
Victory is here (2x)

We made it past hurdles
Obstacles didnt defer you
On a war path ignorin the poor past
Looking forward to the future
By dominatin the present
Concentratin on being the best but getting better.
Gettin cheddar like a HERO
You know I fear no evil
Or situation I get placed in
Dream chasin
Aint a need for takin steps if just you retrace em
Me I replace em.
Walk a righteous marathon
Wouldnt sip on Perignon
If you didnt cheer me on
Once the fear is gone
Confidence is strong
Dominance is eminent
Walkin on the water
Like a flower with the stem in it
Growin never go back
That is for degenerates
Sleep is for the dreamers
Insomniacs are what team was
We Took over the scene
Cuz we are new regime

You rose above the doubters
Stayed below the cloud of
Darkness that follow at a hundred miles an hour
Instead being sour you acted as a balance
Victory is sweeter so you need a bigger challenge
The pressure aint enough for you.
You will leave down for the count like an elbow off the top turnbuckle do.
Wrestle with with your needs
Tackle your desires
Smokin ain't enough
You must aspire to be higher
My verses ain't sufficient need a track to catch the vision
The eyes of champion
Realysm that be him
Fake is an antonym
Everyone has sin in them
Followers are swallowers
Leaders backs are to the wind
As I begin to make plan
How to make a dollar once the winning streak ends
Spending begins
Investing in the next best thing
Is progression hopin the investment will surpasses where you once rested.

You've arrived. Welcome. Can I grab ya bag?
Boy you must be tired from the battle that you had
I was once a rival.
Now ya just my idol.
And my inspiration
when I'm suicidal
Win or lose you taught that I'll never lose my title.
Confidence is vital
Passion is attractive
Love is just EVOL
If you say it backwards
Hate is forever active
I'm forever passive
Never to try to ration
It is a distraction
Ain't no point in asking
Why they wanna crash when
They ain't never fasten
They seatbelts you survive tumultuous times ultimately I'm
Just a messenger of pain that we felt.
On a long journey to the summit
The sum of it. Some love it some hate it some debate. Very few have made it and for that I am elated.