Headphonz Required (I and an Iphone)

by Realysm

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This collection was completely produced recorded and mixed on the Apple Iphone with the help of an app that will soon be named...enter the freedom of Realysm..


released December 19, 2011

The Roots Instrumental "Radio Daze"
RZA Instrumental
DJ Premier "Mathematics" Instrumental



all rights reserved


Realysm Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Realysm is a Philadelphia Artist by ALL definitions of the word. A fusion of multiple genres of music and many walks of life. Follow along and explore the musical and artistic creations of this abstract gemini.

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I always said that I would do it. But I never did. Until today the motivation was minimal then I blew my lid. Boilin point blank take words and toy with them until you enjoyin nem like velour linen. Or John lennon. Or Lime lemon. The stars have aligned this time but I’m in em. I’m grinnin. Ear to ear like you hear this here the deer who dare to appear in front of my headlights gonna be dead right before the fear was clear. The same goes for those wit lame flows not a battle rapper but I shall remain chosen. This cold shoulder shall remain frozen. I refrain from making entertainment outta slayin foes im stayin focused. On the opposite of being broke but going unnoticed. Fame lands on a diagram wit parallels to self destruction. Imagine dream chasin wit no obstruction. So many try to play the game wit no instruction. Then they hit a brick wall u know..concussion. Ain't no sense in fussin. Cussin. Cousin. It is what it is. ain't what it wasn't. Get past the past. Shit have to laugh. What's after what's after the aftermath. What chapter last. What's left to grasp. Nothing but me cuz I be I be I be the real EMCEE!


I testify/I've been alive/And seen a lot of shit in the game
I never have/And never will/Find someone who does it the same
Track Name: GIVE US FREE!!
im not a smoker but ill smoke ya tho
loco wit my locomotive flo
hocus pocus i done stole the show
magic with my acrobatic adjectives
im paddlin backwards up a creek
like where a badger lives i had to give
an imaginative
impression over the bass and percussion
im not what i seem tho
til i spit over primo
im shootin a free throw
cuz i been fouled
steadily keepin up with the jones'
i am dow
see the difference
you are in doubt
youve been told
you aint nothin but a pen pal
me? i never put the pen down
this can be reflected in my pay pal a-count
you can knock me down but im gettin up at the 8 count
when you get hit you stay down
i dont aim to please ya
do what i gotta do to be the victim ill ortiz ya
im so dashing cameras flashing i might have a siezure
i forgot my stage name i am...nesia
dont bite the hand that feeds ya
guess im just a cannibal
call me jeffrey dahmer the rhymer
even on ramadan ill hunt you like an animal
canivore hannibal lecter i'll chin check ya
let's elect a new president
of the living emcees im the new resident
evil im steven segal mixed with beanie siegel
add it up thats illegal
im in possession of a weapon and i reckon it can reconcile each and every difference not a question not a spec of doubt.
you see an obstacle im opposite i see an opportunity hindered only by my effort im soon to be
the driver of my own destiny self cheauffeur immunity to foul weather rock a leather with no fur
chinchilla no sir flashy but no blur picture me with no motivation never my motor was built with clever preciseness ferrari horses my inner power is twice this yall can fall victim to an iced wrist or necklace but maturity has omitted that from my check list
g-u-to the e-double s list y'all aint even heard a third of my best shit....dont get arrested...


you better believe a bulimic
dont believe an obese
the bigger the lie the shorter the leash
the shorter the leash the greater the grief
with a bitch on it dont trip on it like lsd
ima take a vacay and vacate the place like i was on a date with kate and i found out that she was kate plus 8
i might saddle up but dont want a gaggle of pups bitch please when i die thats when ill grab me a tux. dont pressure me impressionable especially a fu**ing me now im a vegetable left the keys in the vestibule
you can go test a few
benzes and lexuses what a terrible mess this is
my best decision what not to buy you those brestsssss
now it aint no need for none of those pregnancy testsssssss
Track Name: RAPSTAR
Verse 1:

Too many notes took. In my note book. Every page is filled with DNA. Blood tears but I never sweat cuz I never get my feather ruffled we just stack chips like frito lay. Free to live free today but it won't be free tomorrow you will pay like turnstiles when you wish to ride my train of thought. Freestyle for 3 miles on freeway I put delay on my voice so you hear it if u miss it like a re-play. Fast forward each day. To get thru the week-days. And get to the weekend. The jump of the deep end. Right into a river filled liquor and some weed in. Roll it up blow away my frus-tray-shun. Hey son. Do u wanna be a great one. Day. Like daddy. Then u. Can drive a caddy escaladey. Dance around in videos with the pretty hoes that will only be accepted if they blessed wit big ol fattys. Along wit tiggle bitties big enough to make a Sammy. Wit me up in between them. This is obscene son. Also a reality it's call living the dream son. Life ain't what it seems one!

Verse 2:
You can juggle a testicle if you believe Im a spectacle, Im the odds that your up against. Impresionist. My god every selection im selecting is. writin over setting precedents the present tense is evident-ly oversatured theres too many pimps see? but theyre undereducated. And a lotta BUN B's. Not so many Run D M C's but a plethora of little wheezy sippin syrup outta three cups. So who you wanna be? Just a wanna be or or apprenticed under me for a fee cuz I am not a clone. I am inhumane. I am like a drone on a different plane. So niggah leave me alone. I will not refrain. Maybe I can read ya palms.

Verse 3:
I live. I'll try. I'll die. But I'm never giving up. We love. We hate. We fall. But we don't stop getting up. No not never. Nary not another brutha can rhyme so clever so Im no better than find yo veteran I hold evidence that im heaven sent you'll prolly forever grin and mention that Realysm just stole your attention cuz you never paid it I'm O.J Simpson cuz Im running over all the de-fenseless ones that ill never make it. I have no remorse. Ef the recourse. It'll be a disservice if u don't try digesting these thoughts. You can call it what you wanna but were really all actors. Playin our roles in the x-factor.
I touch on topics. Like I'm non sighted. Re-writing the holy grail in brail on a ambidextrous scale. Wanna kno how complex it is well...I can speak in colors although my complexion is pale. And my spectrum is spectacular. I can spectate a situation put on my spectacles digest it and spit it back a cha. So that you can understand what just happened from the perspective of an objectivist. realistic impressionists. artistic and refreshing my connection is broadband so I walk the water not the LAN an Aspire to be wireless. Like a puppet cutting ties with a puppeteer on the up and up and ducking fear or too put it more planely how cold I insanely walk away from six figgas? Cuz spiritually Im already rich and you gotta stretch ya mind before ya wallet gets a bit bigger.

I done. Assimilated. To the point that I no longer feel stimulated. The game has been inundated and punctuated with poly linguist that lack data. Track fader call a spade a spade a now i laid a lyrical stencil for you to pencil in track so sweet in need of insulin I am the god awful greediest of gentleman still venturin to say. Rarely do I dare to say touché listening to sickening plot not thickening mind littering Maybe I'm a nitpicking king with a chip f da shit I mean a boulder hit my shoulder maybe I just caught a whiff of some folgers and it brought me out my coma tose hold me close ima overdose on everyone u know the most.

Time...all I really need is some more of it. Maybe me maybe I can explore a bit more then offer more of it back to core of who supported it to get me focused on the im-portance of it to the listeners who love it and position it above and beyond everything irrelevant stories that Im tellin navigate you like mageallan where they take you its no tellin ain't no time for cellar dwellin bitch my fan base is rebellin not being sad or sullen. Every pen stroke im revealin and that realness theyre inhalin. U want me on the radio then play me everywhere you go so I be accepted by the ones that fail to fetch it. fetch it fetch it FETCH a verbal frisbee bring it back to master of cemeromies who is me. I will be the face that parents are happy that kids see. When they google realness it my memorabilias.
I personify why
everybody's not a 9 to 5 guy
I rather hop on 95 and drive
95 miles in a hour
in my 95 ford explorer eddie Bauer
lookin in the rear view
at those who chose not oppose
the inhibiting frozen thoughts that rose and
overtook pros n left em feelin cold like
.....a la mode.
How would I know.
That today would b the day I plan for tomorrow
Livin on time borrowed
So I burrow a hole
And burry my gold
My story is told
And no matta how good it is..
It can never be sold
I'll forever be owed...
For my contribution to the charity of clarity

Charity of Clarity 4x (Chorus)

I not completely unaware of what you do to me
I can feel the fluid moving thru me so fluidly I
Start acting foolishly the moment I savor the flavor
Begin question the freshness of the fruit of labor
U know I love you but it's a slew of haters
Dat hate to see me with you if I
Could only sip u I would
Run away Slip away
To a place where everyday is like the fifth of may
Have a good time party like a rockstar
On beat the 24/7 like a cop car
Takin shots not the kind you need a glock for
I'm the reason that you need a neighborhood watch 4
5 months later
Im sitting in a AA meeting receiving the greeting
But I'm not believing

Charity of Clarity (4x)

I know the day will come
I know
I know we're not too far away from where we're supposed to go and I know
That one day we will
Meet our loves
But til then
I will stay and see
What becomes..

Charity of Clarity (4x)
Track Name: LYRIX
Hook:keep the beat simple so they listen to my lyrix/I am not a sample I don't have to clear it/all you gotta do is jus listen to the lyrix

Verse1:I say a rebel's no longer rebellious once he lets his identity become his alias. Triumphs turn into failures unless you amplify ya voice like Mahalias. Holy moly my Belly is swolin like a somalian. Im in need of donations so go twitter and follow him. @Realysm. I am him. Never was a scholar when i was without a pen And I was without friend. Until my musical appreciation began. Begun. Im number one. chart toppin never one to mess wit yall flow is like heart stoppin I spit wit high cholesterol. I Ball...john Wall. And I'm the best investment y'all. In fact. Nobody wants to see me on a track. most stay off. I run circles around em on day off. I'm on another plane and I'm about to take off!
I sit in this car like Emotionally scarred like the egos of those who opposed Abdul jabbar like on the night he scored a hundred. I too will be that legendary once I d-e-c-I-d-e do I want it. Pack a para-c-h-u-t-e just for the plummet. Gotta visit valleys briefly for I reach the summit. I am frightened at the fact that. Everyday is so fuckin abstract that lack of...Rhyme. The lack of reason behind. Allowing us to love. Allowing us to lose it experience the paralyzing pain that subdues us. Its the tears that move us to heal and thus improve us. Lose faith and you'll lose trust. If u fight every battle you won't lose much. If u live in the shadows you will lose touch. Like a criminal guilty of stealing in an Islam culture. Most rappers are road kill ill so then I'm vulture. I'll insult ya. Real recognize real i can be ya fuel cool Then I'm ultra. Open ya ears and mind becomes my.... culture.I mean... I got the same dreams as everybody you seein on the screens. but my scheme is cleaner cuz my mean demeanor forever hostile like Ike....Tina. I pray i never come between a...scratch dat...I know my own limitations and weaknesses so as you. Frequent this. Your on the fast track to truly seeing what uniqueness is...
Like when ya booty goes (CLAP)
Makes me say congratulations
Like when you stole the show
Makes when wanna get ya number 2-1-5
I dont really know what
I dont really know what time is
Ohhh..when I'm with you
I dont really care bout
I dont really care what day it is
No...when I'm with you its

Heaven Heaven Hell I do apologize 4x

Dont even know you tho
So I guess I better slow down ohh (slow down)
Call me Calogero
It dont matter what the tale was
Bronx or Philly 2
I dont even know
I dont even know what time is
I dont even care what
I dont even care what day it is
No..when I'm with you its..

Chorus 4x

Maybe you were heaven but I'm meant to go to hell
When you leave me I be half of what I was girl cant you tell
If you need me now or never I done tripped but never fell

I know my flow is heavy. I know I'm hard to follow. I write on maxi pads and use a tampon as a pen so it can absorb my sorrow. I'll thats horrible. Wait I'll regurgitate it on a track thats slammin like a car dooor. Something foreign like a benz or volvo. I don't intend to lend a hand but I do intend to borrow. A beat from time to time for those who eat but never swallow. The meaning in between the leagues of deepness don't be shallow when it's showtime I am proudly oddly godly like Apollo. Carpe Diem when you see him greet him thats my motto. Give me freedom and you give me opportunity and it's an opportune time to be in hot pursuit of me. It's the R to the E let's see ALYSM.Toss the salad for start I dressin. Kiss my ass if you question if I'll ever finish first when I practice every second Ima show you mass destruction. I-raq it wit no weapon.

I'ma I'ma I'ma I'ma Beat the beat up
I'm hop on every track and I'ma put my feet up

Stock went up!
When I hit the effin market
Put ya money on Real double ya profits

Double ya profits double double ya profit
Double ya profits cuz money is the object

I got a passion for fast rappin and slow listenin so you get a recap of what happened pay attention friend Im on another deminision extra terrestrial heavyweights can't lift the weight that Im benchin I can let a fly land in my eye no flinchin or blinkin Im thinkin I need an ink pen so I can write right? Wrong scratch that B.S P.S I'm a master at mappin out words GPS Live like ES-PN see him now you don't agile like Paquiao motherfu**ers try to jack my style but I got lojack and ill bring it right back you wont even get a half a mile. I'm in the clouds. Angelic. maybe I'm a relic reborn to take a tale and tell it make it fit the form like shoehorns.No embellishin did away wit jealous friends bought a compass drew a circle only let a couple in. Proudly I be feedin off of Challenges that I pick. Every single challenger got up outta dodge quick. Aw shit got up outta dodge quick. Damn..brotha thats some sly shit.

Chorus 2x

You better believe I'm better than him. Better than he. Better than them. Better than veterans that have been battling back before the battle began begun one thing that you better not do is running cuz as credible as I am with a gun your life your gonna be scramblin son..
Chorus:If I was a criminal/I would be guilty of love/We tried to be friends you know/but it aint work/because I'd die before I let somebody take/take my love away/I dont wanna think/I'm in need of you...

Verse1:Poetic Phrases. Athletic Days is. Over. Running around trying to catch your attention I was love drunk. But now I'm so sober. Let's toast to it. THats how folks do it. Now a days I am making waves in the sea you see. So many bitches oops I meant so many fishes swimmin we. often distracted by. ones that are hard to catch but I. Keep on walking barely talking betcha that will catch their eye. How did mr miagi catch the fly? Chopsticks I prefer a drop 6 mesmerize. She unmaterilaistic. You aint wifey material so whats the big difference you aint gonna get shit let's just skip it 1-2-3-4 get it. it's forgotten I been plottin since we was snot nose and rotten. playin house you was playin possum. I dont wanna be a slave to your Love. Everyday I'm amazed at who you've become. my number one.


Verse2:Maturation set in. Facsination with my best friend just begun. Lessons. Learned some. Dreams of handing momma a grammy gotta earn me some. Forgiveness and bridges I burned some. Gotta move in a fast forward. Your lyrical metabolism am I too fast for it? Will I dominate the league the like fast forward? Just remember four words. You can make it! Whatever the hell it takes kid. Sacrifice is certain and true happiness awaits if. You dedicate yourself man the world is for the takin. One day I'll take vacation on an island that is vacant. The present is a prison I will never stop escapin. So maybe I'm a criminal. But i'll never fall victim to. tryin to be. duplicates of everyone listen to. Welcome to my kitchen my creations are original. If you're not a chicken then jump in on my chicken stew.


Verse3: Why am I afraid of losing control?
Maybe its the thought of losing you...
I know I must find my destination
So that I can make sure my dreams come true.
Track Name: "UNLEASHED"
U dont know me but ya bout to. Ima go in and ima out you. Like a pet owner. Come on dont I kinda rhyme like a vet tho I aint even out the kennel yet. Thow me a bone and I'ma show you a trick. If you tho me a track then Ima throw you a hit. Tho me some opposition and I'ma show I got some marbles missin. I am lunatic on a maniacal mission. Erradicatin masterbaiters who only cum to the point of making music that only appeal 2 young. dumb deaf blind. Yes I'm on penthouse level with a balcony so techincally if I spit it could murder anybody it hit on the street level. That was deep need a spade shovel to dig it. They struggle to get it. They puzzled admit it. Cant juggle then quit it. Un muzzle my lyrics dog and Ima bark plus bite ya. Dark plus light equals art plus life ya need ventilator cuz I'm hyper. Re-cite haikus in a cypha just to prove that im nothing like ya. And I don't even like ya

I respect ya hustle I don't have to like ya. Carry pro tools I don't have fight ya. Like Septa I'll strike ya. Even if the source 5 mic'd ya I'll benjamin button you up. You'll be growin into size 5 diapers. Ill wipe ya so clean off the scene man. I'm hot but not in need of a fan. It doesn't "mather" if I spit like Eminem with a tan I'll pay a dollar for every twitter follower wit a promise to double the divends and triple the residuals quadruple the # of marsupials in the wild by. Movin to Australia livin a wild life. My content has grown your vision childlike. Auto tune my uni-verse sign to G-Unit and first second that get Ima drop couple smash hits make enough deniro to put on a new sumbrero and produce more of my own shit. Classics like Chevy Caprices I'm the feces within the rap pool royaI flush me and I'ma get touchy like lettin my Penn State pen state the verb Sandusky.

"I float to the top I'm buoyancy but these other rap cats are annoying me."

I'm like a Plato. You're like a Sadomasochist ask me if I fux wit cha I'll say no. Flo is in my afterlife Yours prenatal I am Indie dont need a label. Or categorization I'll set the precedent and take over the nation. Forever be a resident of revolutionary music advocating truth in message woven deep into it. Intuitive. That's how I live. Thats how I give. Sometimes using flower power to distrib. ute thoughts compressed decibel-less no volume like I hit mute. Ur gettin bad reception Hands in the air if you want a suggestion. Theres only real thing at question
U need more bars. Like a t-mobile customer or disorderly prisoner. Contained from main population preventing propagation of negativity or go against the grain activity. Wait a minute this is insane. This is me...

I want you know
No matter which way you go
I'll be here with opens
Forever playin your songs
You gotta love what you do
And they will feel it true
Then u can neva be told
Realness cannot be SOLD