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This composition by Realysm speaks on the burning desire to be a "STAR" and the perils that come with super stardom eventually leading to decline and loss of SELF. RIP to our fallen stars who were overcome by who they became. A Spectacle. "Never forget about who you are in pursuit of who you wanna be...". Spoken from the perspective of a Star...



"You gotta find your groove/You gotta reach for the stars"

Born to be a star
Sky wasn't the limit to me
Nearsighted cuz I see whats near me clearly
Far out visions are far fetched to me
Not distracted by the definition of destiny
The eclectic me is especially
Torn between the right and whats left of me
After giving myself to you unintentionally I began to question it all and what my intentions would be
Too late to be decelerated
I'm moving at the speed of a comet
To calm it...I vomit
Leaving all of the escargot and filet mignon
Splattered on the streets of which I came from
Claim glory from the story that became
History the moment that I gave myself a name
Other than the one printed on my birth certificate
Now I look in the mirror and find myself illiterate
My face I can't read it
I've been livin in a life so dark I can't see it
Unless it flashes before my eyes
Poor decision after poor decision
But still I survive..


Got the paparazzi watchin
Peepin over fences
Hidin in the trees just to get themselves a glimpse
Of he who they created
Used to be treated like a receptacle
By now I'm just spectacle
I've made it to a level where I talk about extravagant thangs
In music and I do it cuz I gotta remain
Revelent so I can keep
Sellin it so I can eat
Plus I got a settlement comin up
On a multi-million dollar pad
Six bathrooms I could piss all day
Comin in fast going out the same way
I should write a book called life as a STAR
Never knew what I needed til I chased what I wanted
Meant to pack a parachute I case I would plummet
Rat race, Black Face, Tryin not to catch case
Misplaced ME!
Hoping to be found well I guess we'll C!
R to the Y'in everynight as I'm drowning in my T!
Ears stay open to the doses of emotions Im approachin when I'm focusin on floatin over FEAR!
Before you know it I'll be GONE!
And you'll still be here
So here's another song for you to listen to
Until another STAR appears...




released July 22, 2012
produced by Outkast
Mixed and Mastered by Mir Swain
Recorded at EgoFree Studios



all rights reserved


Realysm Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Realysm is a Philadelphia Artist by ALL definitions of the word. A fusion of multiple genres of music and many walks of life. Follow along and explore the musical and artistic creations of this abstract gemini.

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